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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Temple of the Peacock Spirit, Rise of New Thassilon
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Time dragon
Gender Male
Homeland Stethelos, Dimension of Time

Source: Temple of the Peacock Spirit, pg(s). 62

Ninuron is a time dragon exiled from his home in the Dimension of Time for reasons erased from his mind.[1]


Ninuron was born and raised in Stethelos. As he studied the histories of various planets in the Material Plane, he became interested in alternative histories and time paradoxes. Despite his race's self-appointed role as guardians of time, Ninuron developed theories about how timelines could be altered in the least intrusive way possible.[1]

Ninuron's first experiment to manipulate reality with temporal fractures ended up banishing him from the Dimension of Time to the Material Plane and regressing him back in time and age to that of an young adult. The experiment, his plots and investigations, and most of his personal history were erased from his memory. For many years, Ninuron wandered the Material Plane dreaming of shards of his memory, which he considers to be fragments of potential futures. The dreams became increasingly vivid, and Ninuron found himself drawn to a temporal fracture in the Therassic Library in central Varisia.[1][2][3]


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