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Time dragon

7–23 (by age category)
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 70–71

Time dragons are immortal, powerful outer dragons who guard the universe's natural temporal order against interference.1


A time dragon has slender, spiny protrusions sweeping back from its face, a mix of seemingly new and ancient growths. Its scales are cracked and creaky.1


Time dragons can travel the vacuum of space and lair in stars.12


Time dragons are such alien creatures that others are often confused in their presence. A great wyrm time dragon can temporarily stop time, and can also travel with companions to any point in time, but only three total times over its lifespan. Its breath, while typically electrical in nature, can also displace creatures exposed to it into a future point in time. They are immune to extreme cold.1

Time dragons speak at least Elven and Draconic in addition to Taldane, and some also speak Diabolic, Dwarven, Empyrean, and Fey languages.1

On Golarion

Time dragons visit Golarion only to prevent the most egregious abuses of time and temporal energy.2

In the Great Beyond

Time dragons are one of the few sources of information about the mysterious Dimension of Time.3 They are also often at odds with the many forms of Shyka, fey deity of time, although time dragons and Shyka still speak on occasion.4

Known time dragons

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