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Level 5
Adjective Lampad

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 188
Lampad queen
Level 15

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 189

Lampads are a type of nymph that protect areas of natural beauty underground. They are closely bound to the caverns they watch, and sicken and die if removed from them.[1]


Lampads protect dark, isolated underground areas from danger and despoilment. In addition, they also act to guard surface-dwellers from the dangers found underground, and guide lost travelers to the surface. Lampads are known for their mercurial and emotional natures; due to the long periods they spend alone underground, they are often highly morose and prone to disconsolate crying, although this process acts a form of catharsis and lampads typically experience relief and calm after a long cry.[1]

Lampads are named after wisps of magic light that they carry, which they use to guide lost travelers to safety and threats to their doom.[1]

Lampad queens

Lampad queens are paragons of their kind, and rule over extensive cavern systems. They hold a strong animosity towards evil subterranean races such as duergar and drow. Lampad queens are very fond of bats, and are often attended by nykteras.[2]


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