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Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Merab, Thuvia
Organization Pathfinder Society (retired)
Images of Obahar

Source: The Unseen Inclusion, pg(s). 6

Obahar is a local historian and former Pathfinder. He lives in Merab in Thuvia, and acts as a local expert on archaeology and ancient history.[1]


Obahar appears to be a unkempt man, as his clothes do not match or fit him properly. The only part of his appearance that he seems to care about is his beard, which is well groomed.[1]


As an ex-Pathfinder, Obahar has quite a few contacts in the Pathfinder Society that he can call upon. He actively tries to foster good relations with the Pathfinders, particularly the local venture-captain, Diya Akan of the Twisting Garden Lodge.[1]


Obahar started in the Pathfinder Society, until he realized how dangerous it is, and that he valued his own life more. He retired, and is now called in to consult on archaeological and historical matters by the city of Merab. He still wants to learn everything he can, but he is much less reckless than his former organization.[1]