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History of Golarion
From the earliest days to the present age, the history of the Pathfinder campaign setting is exciting, rich in detail and totally engrossing. Take a trip into the past, whether it's thousands of years, or just yesterday.
Major events
These significant, world-wide events had a major impact on Golarion and form part of common knowledge throughout the Pathfinder campaign setting.
Throughout the history of Golarion, armies have clashed on countless occasions and blood has been spilt virtually everywhere across the globe. These are the more notable conflicts.
Fallen Empires
Though Golarion is currently home to dozens of powerful nations, it has seen many rise to even greater heights and crumble into ruin. These empires or nations are now merely memory.
The recorded history of the known world is split into ages, each a distinct and fascinating period of its own. Information from before the Age of Darkness is now all but entirely lost.
Age of Creation
Timeline : Pre-History
Age of Serpents
Timeline : Pre-Humanity
Age of Legend
Timeline : Pre-Earthfall
Age of Darkness
Timeline : −5293 AR to −4294 AR
Age of Anguish
Timeline : −4294 AR to −3470 AR
Age of Destiny
Timeline : −3470 AR to 1 AR
Age of Enthronement
Timeline : 1 AR to 4606 AR
Age of Lost Omens
Timeline : 4606 AR to the present day (Fireday, 3 Calistril, 4723 AR)