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(Alchemical item)
Type Drug

Source: Forest of Spirits, pg(s). 27-29

Opium is a highly addictive drug used in Tian Xia and has a price of about 25 gp per dose. It may be smoked with an opium pipe and induces a tired, dreamlike state that affects the mind and body for about an hour. Withdrawal symptoms are particularly nasty for this drug. Nevertheless, due to its popularity, pipes and storage boxes for opium can be very elaborate and costly.[1][2] The otherwise peaceful nation of Hwanggot is the continent's greatest producer of this drug.[3] Although it is popular in Tian Xia, opium can also be found in the Inner Sea region, in such diverse nations as Numeria,[4] Varisia,;[5] and Cheliax.[6]


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