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Order of the Glyph

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Order of the Glyph
(Hellknight Orders)
Creed "Truth for the deserving."
Fortress Archives on Redacted Histories, Warlock Island
Leaders Maritas Clandegar
Symbol Runed padlock encircled by a chain
Armor Serpentine designs and tower shields
Weapon Battleaxe
Reckoning Ingest smouldering ashes
Images of Order of the Glyph

Source: Path of the Hellknight, pg(s). 53

The Order of the Glyph is an unofficial Hellknight order founded by House Thrune to serve in their propaganda campaign.[1]


The Order of the Glyph was created by House Thrune shortly after they seized control of Cheliax, without the knowledge or authorisation of any other Hellknight order. As the newly-founded Imperial Ministry of Historical Accuracy revised Cheliax's history, House Thrune secreted away actual historical records to the Archive of Redacted Histories and entrusted them to a cult of Geryon, who became the first members of the Order of the Glyph. The Order of the Glyph has protected both Cheliax's real history and House Thrune's lies since then.[1]


The Order of the Glyph counts fewer than 30 members today, most of them lawfully evil aligned. Roughly half are stationed in the Archive of Redacted Histories, while the rest guard secret libraries in Egorian and Westcrown. The order's rigid disciplines, religious obsessions, and elitist attitudes have conditioned its members to hide their status from outsiders. To this end, members rarely wear their armor and avoid other Hellknights, to the point that they are willing to go to their graves to keep the existence of a Thrune Hellknight order a secret, without exactly understanding why. Although nominally servants of House Thrune, the Order of the Glyph follows its own code, and its members will never agree to destroy the documents under their charge.[1][2]

Despite being an unofficial Hellknight order, members of the Order of the Glyph continue to follow the Hellknights' strictures, interwoven with the teachings of archdevils (particularly Geryon), and have access to all skills normally available only to true Hellknights.[1]