Orrery of distant worlds

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Orrery of distant worlds
(Magic item)
Aura Strong (all schools)
Caster Level 11
Type Minor artifact
Slot None
Origin Lirgen

Source: Doom Comes to Dustpawn, pg(s). 3, 28
See also: Orrery

The orrery of distant worlds is a magic artifact designed to facilitate communication with otherworldly intelligences.[1]


The orrery is a portable model of Golarion's solar system, featuring removable spheres representing its sun and 10 planets. The orrery only functions when all 11 spheres are mounted. Each sphere can hold a number of spell charges similar to a staff and can be recharged by arcane spellcasters.[1]


When expanded on a surface, the orrery fixes itself in place. Its detail makes it a useful reference for questions about the solar system.[1]

Once per month, the orrery can serve as a communication device to contact alien life. This connection is powerful enough to result in mind-affecting visions. However, if the orrery is destroyed while such a connection exists, it can cause painful feedback.[1]


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