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Hellknights embody order in its purest form, beginning with their own hierarchy and strict system of ranks.1

Lictor / Vicarius

The lictor (or vicarius if promoted from the signifers) is the general of a Hellknight order. Currently, the Order of the Gate is the only existing branch of the Hellknights led by a vicarius.1

Master/Mistress of Blades

The master of blades or mistress of blades is the field marshal and answers only to the lictor of the Hellknight order.1


Paravicar is the leader of an order's signifers, equal in rank to a master or mistress of blades and answers only to the lictor of the Hellknight order.1


Paralictors are Hellknight officers ranking below the master of blades or the paravicar.1


Maralictors are Hellknight officers ranking below the paralictors.1


Hellknights are the rank-and-file seasoned knights of the order.1


See also: Hellknight signifer

Signifers are the Hellknights who are capable to use the either arcane or divine magic.12


Armigers compose the order's largest population and they are not yet full members of the order. To gain the status of Hellknight, armigers must first pass a trial known as The Test. In the Test a would-be Hellknight must fight against a devil summoned from the depths of Hell.34


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