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Temperate or warm forests or plains
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 211

Pards are cheetah-like felines with brightly colored blue and purple coats, which can be solid-colored or patterned with stripes or spots. They can partially phase themselves, and can charge through targets while doing this to burn and injure them.1


Pards are social hunters, live in complex social structures, and mate for life. They are more intelligent than most animals, and possess limited telepathy that they use to communicate with each other and, to a lesser degree, other species. Although they normally hunt birds and small animals, some have developed tastes for gnomes and quicklings.1

In Golarion

The Tapur Forest of Qadira is home to pards and other feline predators.2

In the Great Beyond

Pards are among the wildlife native to the Enchanted Wood of the Dreamlands, and are hunted for meat by the local zoogs.34


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