Path of Grace

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Path of Grace

Expansion of the cult of Sifkesh
Local (Westcrown)
Heretical priests of Sifkesh
Source: The Infernal Syndrome, pg(s). 63

Formed in 4573 AR, the Path of Grace was a cult secretly dedicated to the demon lord Sifkesh that appeared in the Chelish capital of Westcrown. The cult disguised its true nature in order to attract as many potential members as possible, many of the members came from the city's wealthiest citizens, including several fervent followers of Aroden. The Path of Grace was so successful that they gained great influence throughout Westcrown, even gaining followers in the court of King Gaspodar.1

They began a series of ritual murders and suicides that came to be labelled as the White Plague and created widespread panic throughout the city. In 4575 AR, Lileia Ruel, the wife of Daidian Ruel (a pious worshipper of Aroden), was murdered and Eris Ruel, their son, committed suicide by overdosing on pesh. Although it was never proven, the Path of Grace was implicated in both of these deaths. Daidian Ruel's response to these crimes eventually led to the formation of the rightly-feared Hellknights.1

The cult was finally defeated and utterly destroyed in the spring of 4577 AR bringing an end to the White Plague and signalling the start of the rise of the Hellknight orders. In modern times, the Path of Grace is best remembered for its part in the creation of the Hellknights rather than the chaos they brought to Westcrown.1


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