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King Gaspodar

King of Cheliax
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 37

King Gaspodar was the last ruler of the Chelaxian Empire before the Chelish Civil War brought the diabolically-supported House Thrune to the throne.1 A believer in the Starfall Doctrine, he had prepared to surrender his crown to the prophesied manifestation of Aroden.2

It was by King Gaspodar's command that the knightly orders, later named Hellknights, came into being in 4576 AR. Pleased with their efforts, he funded the restoration of Fort Rivad to serve as the knight's permanent home.3

With Aroden's death in 4606 AR and the eruption of civil war, Gaspodar ordered Hellknights to Molthune and Andoran to keep order in 4607 AR.4 By 4616 AR, the successes of the knights led the now desperate king to mandate additional orders without consulting the existing lictors.5

Growing increasingly paranoid of assassination attempts on his own life, he sanctioned the Order of the Scar for the specific purpose of overseeing his well-being. The Hellknights successfully thwarted more than 40 assassination attempts, two of which originated from the king's own family.6 However, in Neth of 4622 AR, Gaspodar, by now senile, was mysteriously slain in what had been considered a safe area of Korradath, his palace in Westcrown, despite his Hellknight protectors being only rooms away. His left ring finger and royal seal were never found.7


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