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Ether spider
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Ether spiders, also known as phase spiders,1 are ethereal beasts that resemble giant spiders and are native to the Ethereal Plane. As intelligent plane-shifting creatures, they weave floating nests from the planar essence of the Ethereal Plane from which they hunt and capture prey on the Material Plane that passes nearby.2


Ether spiders resemble spiders larger than most humanoids.2 The variant known as phase spiders have humanoid faces.3


Ether spiders can easily shift between the Ethereal and Material planes, an ability they use to stalk, catch, and poison creatures in order to sate their hunger. They can spin adhesive webs of ethereal essence, as well as launch gouts of them across planes to entrap prey. They are intelligent creatures capable of speaking Aklo.2


Up to a dozen ether spiders at a time live together in their large floating nests in the Ethereal Plane. These communal nests typically remain adrift on metaphysical currents, but some might anchor their nests to a specific point of interest.2

Ether spiders in such communes are not socially close with each other, but still enjoy each others' company. They are also willing to bargain with their own prey to spare their lives in return for valuable knowledge or protection that ether spiders can leverage against their enemies, and when sated will welcome and even befriend visitors of other species to their ethereal nests.2


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The phase spider Indarelle is trapped in Fangwood Keep.3


Paizo Inc. referred to ether spiders as phase spiders in Pathfinder First Edition.

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