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Titles Runelord of Envy
Lord of Edasseril
(-5489 to -5402 AR)
Race/Species Human (Azlanti)
Class Wizard (Abjurer)
Gender Male
Homeland Edasseril, Thassilon
Organization Runelords

Source: Secrets of Roderic's Cove, pg(s). 75–76

Phirandi was the ninth and penultimate runelord of envy and ruler of the Thassilonian realm of Edasseril, reigning from -5489 AR to -5402 AR.[1] He was a practitioner of the sin magic of envy, now known as abjuration.[2]

Impressed by her rapid rise through the nation's bureaucracy, Phirandi took on his future successor Belimarius as an apprentice. She poisoned his other apprentices, eventually stripped him of his many magical defenses, and imprisoned the still alive Phirandi within a transparent coffin of force on display in her Palace Miasmoria throne room for the remainder of her reign.[2]

Phirandi died at an unspecified time in the reign of Belimarius. By the time of Earthfall, nothing remained inside Phirandi's coffin but his long-dead corpse, which was trapped inside Crystilan alongside the rest of Xin-Edasseril during Belimarius' botched attempt to create a runewell.[3][4]


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