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Titles Realm of Envy
Land Thassilon
Capital Xin-Edasseril
Ruler Belimarius, Runelord of Envy

Source: The Dead Heart of Xin, pg(s). 70

Edasseril (pronounced eh-DASS-ur-ill),[1] the Realm of Envy, was one of the seven nations that formed the ancient empire of Thassilon. The land of Edasseril was rich in resources like timber, gemstones, and iron, as well as in animal resource with herds of wild aurochs and horses roaming the country. Edasseril even had a decent supply of giants to enslave. The land did have its problems, however: from Edasseril's verdant forests came a constant stream of raiders, varying from wild elves to ettercaps and even hulking ettins.[2]


Despite its many resources, Edasseril was a nation of bitter rivalries and substance-less vanity. Even though the few remaining documents from the Age of Legend speak of it as a utopia where nothing went wrong; this was far from the truth. The domain's byzantine bureaucracy was full of envious and backstabbing officials more concerned with their own advancement than effectively managing the affairs of the nation.[2]

This realm's original name is unknown; in -6475 AR, the first runelord of envy Naaft, who looked to the local elven kingdom of Mierani[3] and its elves' beauty with characteristic envy, took the family name of the loveliest elven princess to be the name of her domain.[2][4][5]

Ruins of Edasseril

At the time of its fall, Edasseril was ruled by runelord Belimarius, who maintained her capital at Xin-Edasseril. While Xin-Edasseril boasted the enormous architecture of Thassilion, it was riddled with problems: it was a low-lying city prone to floods and devastating plagues that the ancient priests of Desna could not prevent even with their healing magic. In modern times, the ruins of Xin-Edasseril were used to create the town of Melesa.[6] Few clues to Xin-Edasseril's location have survived to the present day, but it was located on Chakikoth Isle in the Ironbound Archipelago. The only other well-known ruin of Edasseril is the crystal dome known as Crystilan, located on Peridot Isle in northern Varisia.[2]


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