Plasma ooze

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Plasma ooze
Type Ooze
CR 16
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 220
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Plasma oozes are balls of superheated goo that move about by manipulating Golarion's magnetic fields. They consume organic materials, yet strangely have the ability to draw metals of all kinds towards themselves.[1]


A plasma ooze is a rippling sphere of violet energy which lashes out with blue tendrils. It is 20 feet in diameter and weighs 6,000 pounds.[1]


Plasma oozes originate from the sun, and have also been found on the Plane of Fire. They can fly by interacting with gravity and magnetism. They are mindless and only seek to consume organic materials by engulfing and slowly digesting prey, yet their magnetic aura can only attract metals.[1][2]

The rare survivors of plasma ooze attacks describe them as like being torn to pieces. Wounds inflicted by a plasma ooze resemble hideously melted burn scars.[1]


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