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Precentors Martial

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Precentors Martial
Type Military
Leader The five Precentors Martial
Headquarters Vigil, Lastwall
Goals Govern military affairs in Lastwall
Scope National
Structure Military

Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 47f.

Precentors Martial govern military affairs in Lastwall under the absolute authority of the Watcher-Lord. The five Precentors Martial have the authority to exploit civil resources but they rarely apply it. They are the Precentor Martial for Cavalry, the Precentor Martial for Infantry, the Precentor Martial for Garrison and Siege, the Precentor Martial for Scouting, and the Precentor Martial for Magic.[1]

The current Precentor Martial for Magic who also leads the Battlemage Academy of the Crusader War College, is the dynamic fire-haired Veena Heliu.[2]

The current Precentor Martial for Scouting is Keyron Saiville.[2]