Pure Legion

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A Green Faith druid brings life to the Rahadoumi desert, watched closely by their Pure Legion protector.

Pure Legion
A member of Rahadoum's Pure Legion.

Karsakim, the Sword of Man
Maintaining Rahadoum's atheistic purity
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 154-157
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The Pure Legion is the national law enforcement agency of Rahadoum. Their primary mission is to keep the Kingdom of Man free from religion in any form, including spoken and printed scriptures and sermons, proselytising, holy symbols, and other paraphernalia.123

This task is carried out through meticulous searches of all persons entering through the busy ports of Azir, Manaket, and Botosani and patrolling the vast deserts of the country's interior. When rumors of an underground cult change from being whispers of heresy to shadows of the truth, it falls upon the Legion to rout out the offending worshipers, whether through force or by manipulating a seemingly unrelated public disturbance which they can then clean up, in either case coming out looking the part of heroes.

The Legion stands apart from the other government organs in Rahadoum, being answerable only to the First Law of the Laws of Mortality.

The centre of the organisation is the citadel of Shepherd's Rock, which houses their vast store of confiscated religious texts. The leader of the organisation, Karsakim, the Sword of Man, is also based at the citadel.4

The traditional clothing of the Pure Legion is a white and gold garment that provides some resistance to divine magic.5


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