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Atheism is the rejection of deities. Rather than outright disbelieving in deities whose existence is a matter of hard fact, atheists in Golarion instead deny that deities are truly divine and thus not deserving of worship or blind faith.1 Thus, atheists may be classed as dystheists or misotheists.2

On Golarion

The symbol of the Prophets of Kalistrade, an atheistic organization.

Atheism is looked down upon in many parts of Golarion, but is enforced on a state level in the nations of Rahadoum in Garund3 and Touvette in the River Kingdoms.45 Followers of the Prophecies of Kalistrade, which is practically the state religion in Druma, are predominantly atheists.6

Some atheists have learned to heal themselves via mind-over-matter mental techniques in the absence of divine magic.7

In the Great Beyond

The devils known as deimaviggas believe that atheism is a tool to be used to lead mortals away from the gods and into Hell's embrace.8

The fate of atheists

Despite their lack of faith, atheists' souls are still judged by Pharasma. Some become bodiless spirits in the Astral Plane or are reincarnated, but most find their fate in the Graveyard of Souls.9 Phlegyas, the Consoler of Atheists, is the psychopomp usher of atheists who offers care to atheists when they arrive in the Boneyard, and may even train some of those souls to become psychopomps.10


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