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Type Magical beast
CR 7

Source: Beyond Azlant Ridge, pg(s). 11

Pyrohydras are a variant of hydras distinguished by their ability to breathe fire. They tend to prefer drier environments than they swamp-dwelling relatives do, and their ability to cauterize neck stumps en masse with their fiery breath gives these creatures a considerable advantage when fighting other hydras.[1]

In Golarion

Pyrohydras roam the deserts and rocky badlands of northern Garund, and are a consistent danger for passing caravans. Druids from the Thuvian city of Duwwor, however, have managed to train over a dozen of these creatures, and the rulers of several city-states are considering enlisting them to protect shipments of sun orchid elixir. In Avistan, pyrohydras are found within the caverns of the Cinderlands.[2]