Raina Rennold

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Raina Rennold

Source: Heaven Unleashed, pg(s). 57

Raina Rennold is a young, passionate, foolhardy Knight of Ozem currently on a suicidal mission to Geb to redeem her family and order by defeating Arazni.1


Raina was born in an esteemed family with a tradition of serving in the Knights of Ozem. Unknown to the Knights of Ozem, Furghol the Vindictive, a necromancer exiled from Lastwall to Geb and an advisor of Arazni, is Raina's great-great-uncle, who has marked his own family for death. Raina's great-grandfather died in mysterious circumstances, her grandfather fell in battle in Nidal against necromancers with ties to Mechitar, and many other Rennolds, including her father and older sister, have fallen when spying in Geb. Raina is betrothed to Victor Mellant, who has recently been captured by Furghol.1


Quinn Kherwin is Raina's superior officer. She knows of her quest but cannot conduct an official recovery mission, as Raina relinquished her post, and seeks adventurers who can do so on her behalf.1


After Victor was captured, Raina began delving in her family's history and discovered that Furghol the Vindictive's full name is Furghol Rennold, and that he has marked his own family and their loved ones as targets. She left her post in Vigil and embarked on a mission to rescue Victor, put an end to Furghol, and then defeat Arazni herself. Upon reaching Absalom, she sent Kherwin a confessional letter and evidence of her beliefs to Kherwin.1


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