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Furghol Rennold

Furghol the Vindictive
Source: Heaven Unleashed, pg(s). 58

Furghol Rennold, usually only known as Furghol the Vindictive, is the leader of the Gebbite village of Avrossi and an advisor of Arazni. He was originally from Lastwall, and has been plotting against his own family for almost a century.1


Furghol, the youngest of six children, was born into a family with an illustrious history of service in the Knights of Ozem. After being disowned by his family and coming to Geb, he has been marking his family members for death, starting with his siblings and later their descendants. His most recent target is Victor Mellant, who is betrothed to his great-great-niece Raina Rennold; he seeks to turn Mellant into an undead creature and send it to Raina.1


The baykok Werlitz serves as Furghol's advisor and bodyguard.1


Due to his lack of martial prowess, Furghol did not qualify for membership of the Knights of Ozem. Instead, he used his family's wealth to research undead, hoping that his knowledge could make up for his poor martial skills. He remained determined even as his family derided his plan.1

Furghol eventually found an unstable but supposedly effective way to summon non-evil spirits of fallen heroes, which he believed to be able to weaken evil undead, horrifying his parents in the process. He submitted his findings to Castle Overwatch, and predictably, the Knights of Ozem condemned him and forbade his research on pain of exile, telling him that his methods were evil and could never work.1


Furghol publicly renounced his research and came to his family crypt in an attempt to redeem himself by demonstrating the correctness of his theory. As he raised his heroic ancestor Viola Rennold as a bloody skeleton, his siblings burst into the crypt. Ignoring Furghol's pleas for forgiveness, they destroyed the skeleton and pursued him to the border of Lastwall, calling him a monster. As Furghol's name was stricken from his family records, he came to Geb and offered his service to Arazni, who eventually granted him a manor in Avrossi, which he calls Castle Deathwatch in parody of Castle Overwatch. When the Knights of Ozem learnt of an advisor to Arazni named Furghol, no one made the connection, and the family kept the secret.1


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