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A procession of the undead in Mechitar.

67% Undead, 19% humans, 3% cambions, 2% dromaars, 9% other
Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 24 (1E)
Impossible Lands, pg(s). 142 (2E)

Mechitar (pronounced meh-KEE-tar)1 is the capital of the undead-ruled realm of Geb, and its second-largest city. Its architecture consists of Osirion-style pyramids, jet black in colour,2 each home to one of the Blood Lords or influential local families. The largest, the Cinerarium, serves as the palace of the nation's ruler, Geb,34 who conquered the city in -1108 AR to found his kingdom.5 Mechitar's busy harbour is the main outlet for the country's food exports. The city's largest temple is devoted to Urgathoa, and has both living and undead staff.3


Mechitar's day-to-day issues are overseen by the iron-fisted Blood Lords, Geb's predominantly undead advisory council, whose seat of power is the Cinerarium. Assisting them is a legion of subordinate necromancers, graveknights, skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and ghasts, who form the city guard of Mechitar: the Bellator Mortus. The presence of these macabre enforcers serves as a potent deterrent, ensuring that the majority of Geb's subjects toe the line out of fear and revulsion for the ruling class. The notorious reputation of Geb's blood-soaked regime is enough to maintain order and compliance among the citizenry, sparing the need for constant displays of force.6

Recent history

Now that Geb has once again taken active control of the nation's government (following the departure of Arazni in 4719 AR), the streets of Mechitar have been filled by frequent public undead processions honoring their reinvigorated leader.74

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