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Knights of Ozem

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Knights of Ozem
Symbol of the Knights of Lastwall.
Type Military & Religious
Alignment Lawful good
Headquarters Gravelands (formerly Vigil, Lastwall)
Goals Monitor Gallowspire for any sign of a return of Tar-Baphon
Destroy undead
Cast back the demons of Worldwound
Scope Regional (Geb, Gravelands, Worldwound)
Structure Military
Images of Knights of Ozem

Source: Faiths of Purity, pg(s). 23
See also: Knight of Ozem

The Knights of Ozem are a military order dedicated to the goddess Iomedae, based in Lastwall's capital of Vigil. They first rose to prominence when they helped to defeat the Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade in the 39th century AR.[1][2][3]


Shining Crusade

During the Shining Crusade in the late 39th century AR, the Knights of Ozem found their true calling when they were joined by the armies of the Empire of Taldor and the dwarves of the kingdom of Kraggodan to bring down the Whispering Tyrant and liberate Ustalav.[4][5] The Knights were led by the mortal Iomedae, and held the goddess Arazni (then the herald of Aroden) as their patron saint.[1] The Knights summoned Arazni to aid them in the siege of Gallowspire in 3818 AR,[6] and she continued doing so for five years. She was finally humiliated and slain by the Whispering Tyrant himself in 3823 AR, thoroughly shaking the faith of the Knights.[7][8] The entire crusade was thrown back by this terrible defeat, until Iomedae rallied the Knights and initiated a counterstrike that halted the undead legion's advance, and completely destroyed their vanguard at the battle of Vaishali Pass.[9] Unwilling to give up their patron to the enemy, the Knights attempted to recover Arazni's corpse, eventually doing so at the Battle of Three Sorrows, where Iomedae battled Erum-Hel, Lord of the Mohrgs.[1] Arazni was laid to rest in the crusader's keep, which would form the foundation for the settlement of Vigil.[9][10] When the Shining Crusade finally imprisoned the Whispering Tyrant within his own fortress of Gallowspire in 3827 AR, the Knights helped to create the many wards that would keep him imprisoned (especially the Great Seal), and dedicated themselves to making sure his evil would never plague Golarion again, and helped found the nation of Lastwall.[4][11]

Assault on Geb

In times of relative peace, soldiers often long for the glories of battle; this was sadly also true for the Knights of Ozem. Even though they continued patrolling the Ustalavic county of Virlych, rooting out evil and guarding against the return of Tar-Baphon, successive generations of Knights idolized the warriors who had fought in the Shining Crusade, and wished they had their own undead menace to vanquish. Not finding anything of sufficient stature in central Avistan, they turned their gaze southward and decided to attempt to bring down the rule of Geb, ruler of the Garundi land bearing his name. Commander Claidius Barronmor launched a poorly planned infiltration of the undead nation in 3889 AR, sending six knights, including his own grandson, Amaretos; the other five knights were Seldeg Bhedlis, Gustari Fallenstag, Tycha Ghuzmaar, Ammar Ilverazto, Yhalas. The mission ended in total failure, and Geb himself was so annoyed at the Knights' arrogance, that he reanimated the fallen Ozemites as graveknights and sent them back to Lastwall on a special mission. They broke into the vault holding Arazni's long-dead body and stole it, bringing it back to Geb. Unwilling to give up their patron's remains, the Knights launched an ultimately unsuccessful counter-offensive back into Geb, only to discover to their horror that Geb had re-animated Arazni's corpse as a lich, naming her his Harlot Queen, an affront which the knights have never forgiven.[12][7][13]

Bloodstones of Arazni

The Knights claim that some of Arazni's organs were removed before her reanimation and put in special canopic jars known as the Bloodstones of Arazni. They claim that these holy relics are still able to exert some control over the Harlot Queen, but have been unable or unwilling to do so. Arazni herself seems to believe this to be true, and continues supporting efforts to find and destroy them. What is certain is that the jars are powerful magical artifacts linked not only to the formerly divine power of Arazni, but also to that of her patron, Aroden.[7][13]

Fall of Lastwall

In 4719 AR, Lastwall fell to the forces of the newly-freed Whispering Tyrant, becoming the undead-haunted wasteland known as the Gravelands. The Knights of Ozem rebranded themselves Knights of Lastwall and have continued to fight the tide of undead, despite overwhelming odds.[14]


Since the death of Arazni and the ascension of Iomedae in 3823 AR,[8] the knights have adopted their former commander as their patron god, one of many orders of knighthood to do so. They call Iomedae the Light of the Sword, referring to her holy symbol of a longsword wreathed in a burst of light.[1] Their commanders carry flame tongues and frost brands, and many of the lesser ranks have continual flame or light spells cast on their blades.[15]


Known knights include Commander Andabar Cerban, who recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances,[16] the siblings Ennis and Keren Rhinn,[17] as well as members of the famous Tilernos family of Lastwall.[18]


The Knights of Ozem's mission is to monitor Gallowspire and the Hungry Mountains to guard against any possible return of Tar-Baphon, to destroy undead, and to cast back the demons of Worldwound.[2] Smaller squadrons have first priority to reclaim or destroy the Harlot Queen, and have set up camps around Geb to spy on the country of the unliving.[15]


Knights of Ozem are seldom seen without their armor, always decorated with the flaming sword symbol of their patroness, Iomedae.[19][20] Their usual method of fighting is with a sword and a shield in memory of the fighting style of both Iomedae and Aroden.[21]


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