Reginar Lacklan

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Reginar Lacklan
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human
Class Ranger 6
Gender Male
Homeland Tamran, Nirmathas
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Masks of the Living God, pg(s). 6

Reginar Lacklan is a member of the Pathfinder Society in Tamran. He is a robust man, usually wearing green and brown leathers and cloaked in a large bearskin. He has always lived in the area of Tamran. He joined up with the Pathfinders recently after uncovering the lost burial site of Emarry Oakheart, a famous historical Nirmathi druid. He serves as the Pathfinders' contact in Tamran and may be found at Forest Bounty, a large feast hall on the northern edge of Tamran.[1]


Cloaked in a bearskin and wearing green and brown leathers, Reginar is the stereotypical ranger. The brown-eyed, robust man keeps his longbow handy. Reginar has a generous nature and hearty laugh.[1] He wears his brown hair tied back. The vertical scar across his lip from cheek to jowl suggests that the bear did not go down easily.[2]