Weslen Gavirk

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Weslen Gavirk

Forest Marshal of Fangwood
Source: Masks of the Living God, pg(s). 6

Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk is the recently elected leader of the forested nation of Nirmathas.1 Born in the capital of Tamran, he has seen his city sacked five times by the armies of Molthune.21 His face is easily recognizable in the region, as all recently-minted Nirmathi coins bear his likeness.3

Elected for a four-year term, Gavirk is passionate about the defense of his country, and not without compassion. He is determined to launch a pre-emptive attack against the Molthuni keep of Fort Ramgate, having seen his land despoiled for too long by the marauding armies of his enemy. He may yet succeed in the task, although it is an uphill battle, as the people of Nirmathas are a stubborn and independent lot who find it difficult to take orders from others.4

The position of Forest Marshal is a military one, filled by an individual possessing skill in battle and the ability to organise effective strategies. As a civil ruler Gavirk is strictly a figurehead only, with actual governance falling to local administrators—including exiled nobility, village elders, the wealthiest, and many others—no unified system of government exists in Nirmathas.1 An exception to this rule occurred recently5 when Gavirk banned worship of Razmir in an effort to suppress Razmiri criminals.6

Foreign relations

Weslen Gavirk is a staunch ally and long-standing friend of General Reginald Cormoth of Andoran; their political philosophies are similar and they communicate with each other regularly. The personal alliance is backed up by covert shipments to Nirmathas of supplies, armour, and weapons via Druma and Lake Encarthan. Molthune may suspect such traffic but, as yet, has failed to prove it. Thus, Andoran is one of the handful of loyal allies upon which Nirmathas relies, largely due to Cormoth and Gavirk's mutual respect.7


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