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Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Brine dragon
Gender Female
Homeland Thoska Isle in the Ironbound Archipelago

Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 36-39

Rezlarabren is a brine dragon who makes her home in a series of underwater caverns on Thoska Isle, near the end of the Ironbound Archipelago. She has allied with a tribe of skum after destroying the merrows that ruled them and lived in the caverns she now lairs in, and employs the tribe as miners to extract the salt that she trades to the elves of the Mordant Spire. The elves have been trying to convince Rezlarabren to ally with them against their alghollthu enemies, but the brine dragon has so far declined on the basis that she does not stand to gain anything from entering the conflict.[1]

Rezlarabren maintains an enmity with the Linnorm Kings, stemming from when Ulfen warriors attempted to hunt her down in her youth as a possible future threat to themselves, and considers both them and their allies to be her enemies.[1]

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