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Type Plant
(extraplanar, shapechanger)
CR 7
Environment Any (Nirvana)

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 243

Roselings are enlightened plants that originated from Blossomheart, Shelyn's divine realm, and have since spread across Nirvana. They share a particular kinship with visitors from Elysium like azatas and often serve as their hosts and guides during their visits to Nirvana. The colour of a roseling's petals reflects its personality: pink roselings are gentle, red roselings are passionate, white roselings are shy, yellow roselings are gregarious, blue roselings are rare, powerful and transcendent. Those struck by a roseling's thorns might be stuck in an euphoric joy for an hour, which inhibits hostile actions.[1][2]


A roseling resembles a humanoid-shaped rose with the blossom as its head and soft petal-like wings on its shoulder.[1]


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