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A cetaceal agathion.

The Great Wilderness
Sanctuary of Enlightenment
Enhanced and impeded
Foo creatures
Moon dogs
Neutral good outsiders
Neutral good souls
An infinite contemplative paradise of rolling hills and spring gardens
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 160–165

Nirvana (pronounced nir-VAH-nuh)1 is a plane of the Outer Sphere and home to the souls of good mortals. Its true natives are the contemplative agathions and wise angels who guide spirits to enlightenment and unity with the plane and with themselves.23


Nirvana is a neutral middle ground between the chaos of Elysium and authority of Heaven, and its natives intervene in planar matters more frequently than these other goodly realms.3

Mortal souls who arrive to Nirvana seek enlightenment, and the plane is open not only to the virtuous but also those seeking redemption and respite. Shades in Nirvana can shed their mortal memories and worries in their search for enlightenment.34


Nirvana is characterized by pastoral hills, breathtaking mountains, and lush woodlands. The plane meets travelers' every expectation of an idyllic, restful paradise, while behind the plane's natural beauty lies mystery and true enlightenment.53

Notable locations

In addition to its monasteries and the divine realms of Sarenrae (Everlight), Kurgess (the Field of Champions), and Shelyn (Blossomheart), Nirvana is also home to sanctuaries, refuges, and mysterious sites:

  • The Hall of the Slumbering Kings is a shifting home of long-lost heroes and martyrs waiting to return in a time of great need.6
  • The Isle of the Penitent is home to the regretful souls of evil mortals seeking redemption. Those who gain it invariably join Nirvana's host of angelic crusaders.6
  • The agathion empyreal lord Bharnarol's workshop is located in Dragonmane Mountain's foothills.7
  • Korada resides in the blossoming violet palace known as the Dream Lotus.8



A draconal agathion.

Agathions, the most prominent natives of Nirvana, are compassionate beast-aspected beings who guard the plane while also embodying its values.3910 They can be broken down into the following forms:


In addition to the native agathions, various types of angels extend Nirvana's influence to other planes, watch over the River of Souls, and lead assaults on fiends in the Outer Rifts. Unlike the archons of Heaven, however, Nirvana's angels focus more on rescuing souls abducted or blocked from reaching their true planar destination, and less on attacking proteans in the neighboring Maelstrom.612


Nirvana is also home to a race of ancient, powerful, planar giants called Nirvana gigas, also known as "the Eternal Sleepers". These creatures exist in a hazy state of sleepwalking semi-awareness. As they wander across Nirvana they reflexively create fantastical illusionary worlds based on their endless dreams.13

Other creatures

Phoenixes and simurghs also reside on the plane in their own quests for peace and enlightenment.4

Golarion's beliefs about Nirvana

Vudrani believe that the purest souls in their faiths rise to become Anucaras, or "followers", of their gods in Nirvana.14


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