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Sphere Outer Sphere
Alignment Neutral good
Denizens Agathions
Neutral good outsiders
Neutral good souls
Description An infinite contemplative paradise of rolling hills and spring gardens

Nirvana (pronounced nir-VAH-nuh)[1] is a plane of the Outer Sphere, and home to the spirits of good mortals. Its true natives are the contemplative agathions and wise angels, who guide spirits to enlightenment and unity with the plane and with themselves.[2]

Nirvana is characterized by pastoral hills, breathtaking mountains and lush woodlands. Travelers find the plane meet their every expectation of a idyllic, restful paradise. Behind the natural beauty of the plane lies mystery and true enlightenment.[3]

Vudrani believe that the most pure souls in their faiths rise to become Anucara or "followers" of their gods in Nirvana.[4]

Places of Interest

There are many places of interest on the plane of Nirvana, including:[5][6][7]