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This article covers the system of letters used by some languages. For the form of magic, see rune magic. For the Thassilonian rulers, see Runelords.
Ezren reads a plaque of carved runes.
See also: Images of runes.

Runes are letterforms in some languages' alphabets, and have especially strong associations with Dwarven (shared from Terran),[1] Thassilonian and its derivative languages (such as Giant, Shoanti, and Varisian),[2][3] some Elven cultures,[4] and related traditions. The ancient empire of Thassilon placed particular importance on runes, and its founder and first king Xin innovated rune magic from bargaining with ancient creatures such as dragons and outsiders, as well as the worship of Lissala, goddess of runes.[5][6][6]

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