Scarlet walker

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Scarlet walker

A scarlet walker is a creature from Leng summoned to Golarion long ago by wizards of the Thassilonian Runelords Karzoug and Sorshen.12


A scarlet walker resembles a blood-red spider the size of an elephant. Each has a face in the false shape of a humanoid skull with several dark eyes in an arch across the false skull's "forehead". Its front two legs end in pincers and its mouth is a tangle of many hanging tentacles.2


Scarlet walkers are native to the Dreamlands realm of Leng, where they talk about and scavenge blood and flesh that they then braid into the structure of their cities.2

They despise most of the realm's other inhabitants and work with them only in order to manifest in the Universe.2


Scarlet walkers are intelligent, sentient beings capable of telepathy. They can sense blood, whether in living creatures or in undead beings who feed on it, and pull the blood from the eyes of nearby creatures to drain into the empty eye-socket pits of their face.2

The tentacles on a scarlet walker's face are necromantically paralyzing. They can fit through spaces as small as a typical humanoid without slowing down, and have no need of air and do not breathe.2


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