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Type Undead
CR 12
Environment Any

Source: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament, pg(s). 29

A shenzuzhou is the grotesque, animated corpse of a giant, most commonly found on the continent of Tian Xia. It is created by decapitating the giant before animating it using dark magic.[1]


A shenzuzhou is a headless, partially decomposed corpse of a giant that still stands more than eight feet tall. Its hairless flesh is cold to the touch and does not bleed when injured.[1]

In the process of creating a shenzuzhou, the giant's corpse is decapitated after being animated and the remaining stump of a neck is cauterized. Upon creation, a ghastly face appears in the flesh across its torso. It wears the decapitated heads of its victims as a belt tied by their hair around its waist.[1]


Typically the creations of necromancers or oni, shenzuzhous are often animated from the burial grounds of giant tribes.[1]

Shenzuzhous cannot speak or eat, though it can still understand the language of giants and follow the commands of the creature who owns its detached head.[1]


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