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Shinigami1 are a race of outsiders from the Boneyard who impartially and professionally hunt down those who would seek to disrupt the balance of life.234


A shinigami resembles an emaciated, robed humanoid with skeletal wings that wields a bone scythe. It is nine feet tall and weighs 130 pounds.2


Shinigami mercilessly inflict quick, just deaths upon their quarries, do not seek to impose needless suffering, and do not take pleasure in their jobs. There are exceptions: some shinigami, considered rogues by others, are either willing to listen to their victims' plight and grant clemency, or are willing to be bribed to let certain dastardly targets survive.2

Resurrection sometimes falls under a shinigami's purview if the subject's return perturbs social or natural order. However, some shinigami use their mandate as an excuse to get rid of resurrected mortals when bribed.5


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