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A marut inevitable.

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 347
See also: Celestial and Fiend

Monitor is an umbrella term collectively referring to outsiders from or strongly associated with planes that are neutral in respect to good and evil:1 axiomites, inevitables, aeons, psychopomps, and proteans. Their foremost role is to take care of the Great Beyond: psychopomps protect the River of Souls, inevitables hunt down those who violate their laws, proteans subvert order, and aeons mind cosmic balance. Monitors are usually unconcerned with matters outside their designated purview. Despite being gathered under the same term, different monitors are rivals and often fight each other, most commonly inevitables and proteans.23

Monitor demigods

Each caste of monitor has its own demigods:

Monitor demigods find it useful to grant divine magic to their agents on the Material Plane, especially to further the goals that fall outside the purview of regular monitors. They are practical, seeing little use in prayers or elaborate religious rites. Their followers are usually lone scholars or planar travellers and rarely congregate in large numbers or form organised religions, and like their patrons, most are practical.23

Planar scion

Descendants of monitor and mortal pairings are planar scions called urobians.4


Paizo Inc. published a major work on monitors titled Concordance of Rivals.

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