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(augmented, earth)
Any blighted land
Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 58f.

Siabraes1 are powerful ex-Green Faith druids who willingly transformed themselves into blighted undead by performing a ritual at the heart of necromantically empowered standing stones.2


A siabrae resembles a petrified skeleton with white orbs for eyes and a pair of stony antlers on its skull.2

On Golarion

On Golarion, siabraes are only found in significant numbers in the Stonewilds region in the northern Worldwound. These Sarkorian druids, who fought harder than any other Sarkorian did against the demonic invasion, tried to protect their land from the encroachment of the Worldwound by absorbing the corruption into themselves, in the process transforming themselves into siabraes. They continue their fight against the demons, but are also filled with bitterness and hatred for all living creatures, and view living druids as cowards, believing that the Green Faith had to die so the truth and glory of the Stonewilds could emerge.2


  1. Siabrae is an Irish word meaning "ghost" or "phantom".
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