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Forest of Stones (former)
Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 18ff.

The Stonewilds is the north-easternmost of the five regions of the Sarkoris Scar. It is bordered to the south by the Wounded Lands and to the west by Frostmire.1 Before the opening of the Worldwound, the Stonewilds were a vast, evergreen forest called the Forest of Stones sacred to the Green Faith as that ideology's birthplace and repository for its most sacred texts.2

As the Stonewilds were being overrun by demonic creatures, a faction of druidic defenders grew desperate and used the ritual Welcome the Blighted Soul to become undead. These twisted druids developed their own warped version of the Green Faith, embracing undeath and horror as the ultimate world truth. This group, naming themselves the Stonewild Sect, defend the Stonewilds from all interlopers, whether demonic, living, or undead.3


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