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The Silken Court is a brothel in the Petal District of Absalom. It is the city's most expensive establishment of its type, and among of the Inner Sea's most famous. Previously owned and managed by Elissa the Fair1 until her recent retirement, it has since been fully renovated by its new manager, the Calistrian Head Hetaera Dyrianna of House Avenstar.2


The Silken Court is a manor with large stained-glass windows depicting Calistria surrounded by wasps that are said to come to life for rituals or as a security measure. The interior is decorated in a decadent fashion with rich woods, fine dinnerware, a small chapel to Calistria, and a gallery of nude artwork from famed artists. The gallery's centerpiece is a full-length portrait of Dyrianna depicted as Calistria that was painted by Absalom's most famous artist, Endrik Archerus.2

The building is closely guarded inside and out by off-duty members of the Lotus Guard.1


The Court offers alcoholic beverages, drugs, baths, massage, and courtesans who possess a wide array of skills. Among its clientele under Elissa's management was Gyr of House Gixx when he was primarch of Absalom.1


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Under Dyrianna's management, prospective clients of the Court's courtesans must either be referred in writing by another patron or personally approved by Dyrianna herself.2


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