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A kitsune fighter.

The kitsune,12 a race of fox-headed, humanoid shapechangers, are native to the continent of Tian Xia3 and are known for their trickery and love of beautiful things.4 Inveterate pranksters, they generally prefer harmless tricks in good fun, but these can become deadly when kitsune are angered, insulted, or fighting for their life.5


Kitsune are natural shapechangers and possess two different forms. Their natural form is that of an anthropomorphic fox while their alternate form is an attractive humanoid with a slender build and piercing eyes.6


Kitsune often succeed as rogues, investigators, and bards. Kitsune who practise their magical abilities tend more toward sorcerers or oracles, and those who forge a stronger connection to the spirits may become witches.7

On Golarion

Small communities of kitsune are known to dwell within the depths of the Forest of Spirits, they are the only humanoids whose settlements the kami are willing to tolerate in the heart of the forest itself, all other communities are restricted to only the forest's outskirts.8


Paizo published articles about kitsune on page 9 of Dragon Empires Gazetteer, page 186 of Inner Sea Races, pages 12–15 of Blood of the Beast, and pages 22–23 of Dirty Tactics Toolbox.

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  1. The singular and plural of kitsune are the same.
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