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Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 42

Skavelings are giant undead mobats created by the urdefhan to serve as mounts or even as animal companions; sometimes they are called ghoul bats.123


Since they were originally mobats, a typical specimen has a wingspan of fifteen feet and would have weighed two hundred and fifty pounds when it was alive. However, they are easily distinguishable from living mobats by their rotting flesh and glowing green eyes.4


Skavelings are a creation of the fiendishly evil urdefhans. Living mobats are raised on a special diet of fungus and humanoid flesh. The living creature is trained to serve the urdefhans. At the appropriate time, the creature is killed using a necromantic poison that causes it to rise as a ghoulish undead bat that remains loyal to its earlier training. The new undead is actually more intelligent than the original creature, becoming slightly brighter than the average orc.4


The skaveling retains the mobat's ability to temporarily stun foes with its screech; urdefhans are immune to this stunning. It also gains the ghoulish ability to paralyse its foes with its bite. Its bite can also transmit the dreaded ghoul fever.45


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