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From PathfinderWiki
Type Aberration
(extraplanar, incorporeal)
CR 2
Environment Any (Shadow Plane)

Source: Nidal, Land of Shadows, pg(s). 63

Smokeshades are amorphous aberrations of smoke and shadow, and are native to the Shadow Plane. They are sometimes taken as familiars by powerful spellcasters of an evil or neutral nature like their own.[1]


Smokeshades are made of dark, roiling, semi-solid, foam-like smoke. Their natural shape is that of a worm, but they can contort and change shape with little effort. In lieu of combat and lacking the ability to speak, smokeshades instead use this ability to goad foes through pantomime or by assuming offensive shapes.[1]


A smokeshade's tendrils are harmful negative energy, and being wounded by them surrounds the victim in a cloying, distracting shadowy haze. Its dark form allows it to hide in any dim light's shadows except their own.[1]