Soul eater

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Soul eater
Soul eater
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar)
CR 7
Environment any Outer Plane (Abaddon)

Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 36

Soul eaters are outsiders native to Abaddon capable of eating a victim's soul.[1][2]


A soul eater is a cloud of inky smoke with spindly arms that end in taloned fingers. They silently slither through the air like a serpent.[1][2]


A soul eater's touch can impair its victim's consciousness. When summoned to the Material Plane by a conjurer, it can find any target its summoner has seen and can name aloud regardless of its location or distance—with the exception of running water.[1][2]

If a soul eater destroys a victim's consciousness with its claws, it can consume the victim's soul. This kills the victim, prohibits reincarnation, and complicates most simple forms of resurrection.[1][2]


While native to the daemonic plane of Abaddon, soul eaters are popular creatures to conjure among evil spellcasters. When not serving a master, soul eaters—devoid of emotion or reason—perpetually hunt for souls to consume.[2]

Known examples

The oculus of Abaddon can summon soul eaters.[3]


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