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Lead (pronounced LED) is a chemical element most commonly found on Golarion in the form of a malleable, dense metal. Although it is a mundane material, it interacts uniquely with certain phenomena.


Blightburn, a radioactive material whose effects can be blocked by lead.

Lead can block radiation, and is often used as in shielding designed to protect against the effects of, or contain, radioactive materials. For example, lead containers can more safely store highly toxic radioactive blightburn than those made of other materials,12 and the spell lead plating encloses objects or creatures in a lead sheath to protect them from radiation.3

Containers for radioactive alchemical items, such as blightburn paste, can also be lined with lead to contain their noxious and disruptive effects.2


Lead also interferes with or blocks many divination spells and magical effects.4 Encasing a compartment, room, or building in lead can prevent divination spells from revealing its contents, making lead-lined containers valuable implements in smuggling operations356 and security. For instance, the rumored Golden Vaults of Abadar beneath Korvosa's Bank of Abadar are lined with lead to defend against divination.7

Other magical effects

Lead-lined armor or clothing are also sometimes used to protect against magical effects, such as curses or auras.89

Non-magical properties

In addition to its ability to block radiation and magical effects, lead is also highly toxic. This is occasionally exploited by golem makers in the creation of lead golems, which when struck shed clouds of toxic dust to harm their attackers.10


Formed as an alloy of lead and souls in the demon city of Iz, soul-lead is then forged into Abyssal constructs at the Soul Foundry.11


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