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Leader Asilia of Gyr
Headquarters Starwatch Keep, Absalom
Scope Regional

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 27

Starwatch is the law enforcement and internal defense force that keeps peace within the city of Absalom as a whole. In comparison, the First Guard of Azlanti Keep protects the city from external threats and the district watches authority does not extend beyond their quarters. First Guard never involves themselves in internal political struggles. The Starwatch house themselves outside the city's walls according to an ancient pact between them and the First Guard. The Starwatch serves the Grand Council and are often involved in internal conflicts, but they cannot enter the city without the permission of the First Guard. The pact ensures that internal conflicts will not evolve into a full civil war that could threaten the city. The imposing Starwatch Keep that houses the Starwatch is perched on the cliffs overlooking Absalom Harbor. The military community of Dawnfoot is home to the officers, families, servants and laborers required to support Starwatch. Asilia of Gyr is the current commander of Starwatch Keep, and therefore of the Starwatch.[1][2]