Andira Marusek

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Andira Marusek

Supreme Elect (4716 AR—)
Commander of the Steel Falcons
4687 AR (age 36)
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 30

Supreme Elect Andira Marusek has been the elected leader of Andoran and its People's Council since 4716 AR.1 Before entering politics, she was a general and commander of the Steel Falcons, the branch of the Andoren Eagle Knights tasked in fighting slavery and tyranny throughout the Inner Sea region.2


Andira was born to a wealthy family in Augustana, and grew up without needs or wants. As a gift for her fifteenth birthday, her parents paid for a voyage to Niswan. During her return journey, her ship was ambushed by slaver galleys, and she was forced to serve as a rower for a few months until a fleet of Gray Corsairs freed her. One of the Gray Corsairs was named Andira Galimnos; Andira Marusek believed that they shared the same first name for a reason, and became determined to join the Eagle Knights to help others.3

When she returned to Augustana, Andira's parents were horrified by the thought of their daughter setting off to fight slavery, but were eventually convinced after a few months. Andira presented herself at the Golden Aerie and started learning philosophy, diplomacy, negotiation, and politics with zeal, eventually becoming one of the youngest members of the Eagle Knights' Twilight Talons.3 During this time, she worked with the Bellflower Network in disguise, met with Martum and Magdelena Fallows, and witnessed many horrific abuses of slaves (especially halflings), all of which only furthered her disgust for Cheliax.4

Despite her successful career, Andira soon left the Twilight Talons and joined the Steel Falcons, so she could better serve as an inspirational figure much like Andira Galimnos before her. In her new position, Andira travelled widely, publicly pushed for abolition of slavery, and boldly raided slaver galleons across the Inner Sea region.3 She soon became General of the Steel Falcons, serving under General Reginal Cormoth, the commander of the Eagle Knights.5

Political career

In 4716 AR, after Codwin stepped down following three terms as Supreme Elect, Marusek won election to the office as his successor, and was sworn in on the eve of her 30th birthday.613

Despite overtures from Grand Princess Eutropia Stavian, Andira finds that the relationship between Andoran and Taldor is still strained, as Eutropia's father Stavian III still considered Andoran as Taldan territory. She is on good terms with Queen Telandia Edasseril of Kyonin and encourages her reforms, and the two have collaborated over the integration of elves and others in Greengold.3 She has built a clandestine alliance with Camilia Drannoch, the new leader of Galt, who wishes to destroy the final blades and end the worst excesses of the Red Revolution. Andira despises Cheliax for its diabolism, tyrannical rule, and embrace of slavery, and Abrogail Thrune II returns the feelings.4

Andira particularly prefers to unleash the Gray Corsairs on Katapeshi slave ships, to the point that Pactbroker Hashim ibn Sayyid has seemingly given up on even token admonishments of Andoran for sacking these ships. These Gray Corsairs often rest in Absalom, since Wynsal Starborn banned slavery in the city, something which is seen as the sign of an implicit alliance between Andoran and Absalom. Andira prefers a peaceful approach with Qadira, hoping that Deena al-Parishat can peacefully change her people's opinion. The gnolls in Katapesh despise Andira and fear her future crackdowns.4


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