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The Badawi are the native folk of Katapesh, whose tribes that have lived among the sands for countless generations—some since Osirion still claimed Katapesh.1


The Badawi form extended clans and wander the desert as an interrelated network of tent-dwelling nomads and herders. Badawi are nearly all Keleshite humans, and many are convinced of their superiority over others. A few badawi are gnomes or halflings.1

Slaves who escaped from the city of Katapesh prior to the abolition of slavery in 4722 AR often found refuge among Badawi villages and contributed to their traditional creation of pesh paste, a less-addictive form of pesh than the refined pesh produced and sold under the command of the Pactmasters. After abolition, many of the freed slaves joined these existing communities and helped increase the production of non-addictive pesh.2

The Pactmasters in response criminalized non-regulated pesh production and sent mercenaries to seize or destroy Badawi pesh fields. With the freed slaves as allies, the Badawi unexpectedly won their first battle against these mercenaries and immediately joined the freedom-fighting Firebrands as first-mark members. The Badawi also gained allies in the Gray Corsairs of Andoran. The event is considered to be an inciting moment of a conflict that has been referred to as the Katapeshi Revolt.3


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