Katapeshi Revolt

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Symbol of the nation and city of Katapesh.

The Katapeshi Revolt is a conflict between the Pactmasters of the city of Katapesh and the inhabitants of Katapesh's hinterlands, particularly its Badawi natives and recently freed slaves, as well as the Firebrands. As of 4723 AR, the conflict had not been resolved.1


The Pactmasters abruptly abolished slavery, a longtime cornerstone of the Katapeshi economy, in 4722 AR.234 Prior to abolition, freed slaves had long found refuge among Badawi villages in Katapesh's remote reaches. Many had helped the Badawi expand their production of pesh paste, a less-addictive version of the refined pesh manufactured and sold under the Pactmasters' authority. These freed allies of the Badawi learned that pesh paste could also treat advanced pesh addiction.1

As the manufacture and sale of non-addictive forms of pesh grew, the Pactmasters criminalized the sale of all pesh created outside of their purview and dispatched mercenaries to Badawi villages to seize and destroy their pesh crops. With the unexpected aid of recently freed slaves, the Badawi repelled the first such attacks and immediately joined the Firebrands as first-mark members.1

With the loss, the Pactmasters appeared vulnerable for a rare moment. Guilds of pesh producers, in defiance of Pactbroker Hashim ibn Sayyid, began plotting a coup against the Pactmasters. While waiting for the resolution of the Pactmasters' conflict with the Badawi, these guilds formulated plans to pressure pesh dealers, withdraw support from the Pactmasters' military, and refuse to pay taxes. Such a plan would almost immediately spark open conflict in the streets of Katapesh.5

In response, the Pactmasters recruited former slavers from among the gnolls and incorporated them into the first gnoll battalion of the Zephyr Guard. These recruits were charged with putting down any insurrection among the guilds if necessary, but the promotion of former slavers into law enforcement also inflamed tensions with Katapesh's working classes.5


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