Swan maiden

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Swan maiden

Temperate lakes or swamps
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 257

Swan maidens are female fey that serve as protectors of wild and pristine lakes and swamps.1


Swan maidens have two forms: they appear either as a trumpeter swan, or as a beautiful woman clad in a cloak of swan feathers. In human form, swan maidens also normally wear arms and armour to protect them against those who would despoil their home. Normally, this consists of chainmail, and they wield either a rapier or a longsword, as well as a longbow.1

Habitat and ecology

Swan maidens dwell amongst unspoiled temperate lakes and swamps, which they vow to protect from both evil and the ever-expanding threat of civilisation. Swan maidens normally live in small groups called flocks. Swan maidens are able to shift between human and swan form using their swan-feather cloaks, however, without these, they are trapped in human form. They are distrustful of humans as they not only spread civilisation but often try to steal the beautiful swan-feather cloaks of the swan maidens.1


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