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A paladin's plate mail.

Armor, also spelled armour, is a protective covering or device worn or wielded to prevent damage from being inflicted to an object, creature, or vehicle by weapons, projectiles, magic, or other potentially dangerous environments or acts.1

Classes of armor

Armor can be classified in a number of ways:

By weight

A paladin's helm.
See also: Category:Armor by weight

Suits of armor worn by humanoids and humanoid-like creatures can be coarsely graded into three weights: heavy, medium, and light. Generally, but not exclusively, the heavier the armor, the greater the protection gained, albeit at the expense of faster or more flexible movement, and the ability to perform physical tasks or cast spells unimpaired.2

By technological level

See also: Technology and Category:Technological armor

On Golarion, most armor is made of refined metals, wood, and other simple materials. However, more advanced armor employs more complex mechanical, chemical, electrical, or other technological processes.3

Most technologically advanced armor on Golarion is of alien origin, found scattered across Numeria. Such armors often provide unique capabilities, such as physically impermeable force fields, holographic disguises, or environmental protections.3

By magical enhancement

See also: Magic item and Category:Magic armor

Armor can be enhanced with many types of magical effects, which can increase its protective ability, specialize its defense against specific types of harm, or grant its wearer or wielder enhanced abilities.4

By material

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Armor can be crafted using many materials, from mundane wood and steel to more exotic skymetals. Styles of heavy armor made from lightweight dawnsilver, for example, impede their wearers less than their steel equivalents.5

Other types of armor

A paladin's shield.


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A further addition to a person's armor could be a shield wielded in a hand or on an arm, which can have similar properties to worn armor. Shields can also be used offensively, or even thrown, and some combatants specialize in the art of attacking with a shield.2


See also: Category:Armor accessories

Armor and shields can be augmented with spikes, oils, and other accessories to alter or increase their effectiveness.6


Alain's mount, Donahan, wears protective barding.
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See also: Category:Barding

Barding is armor used to protect animals, such as mounts.7

On Golarion

Golarion has seen tremendous armed conflicts across many millennia, and as a result many of its cultures have developed diverse ways to create and use armor.


Armor is manufactured by armorers and sold by arms merchants in armor shops and armories.

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In culture

Racial armor

A dwarf in stoneplate armor.
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Several of Golarion's races have armor uniquely suited to their strengths, preferences, or cultural norms.

Ethnic armor

The many human ethnicities of Golarion also often have armor uniquely suited to their people or culture.

Regional armor

Many regions of Golarion are known for deploying certain types of armor.

In history

Specific pieces of armor have played pivotal roles across Golarion's war-scarred history.

In organizations

Hellknights have distinct plate armor.

Suits of armor often double as uniforms for organizations, such as military and law enforcement units and mercenary companies.

In religion

Iomedae wields a shield bearing her holy symbol.
See also: Category:Armor by deity

Few followers of deities venerate armor as they do weapons:

A few pieces of armor also have particular religious significance:


Paizo published the Armor Master's Handbook as a major sourcebook about armor. Adventurer's Armory, Adventurer's Armory 2, and Lost Treasures also include many pieces of armor.

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