Sylvanna Orlovsky

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Sylvanna Orlovsky
Titles Captain; Lady
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Brevoy
Organization House Orlovsky
Animal Companion Horse, named Silvermane

Source: On the Border of War, pg(s). 8

Sylvanna Orlovsky is the niece of Lord Poul Orlovsky, the ruling lord of House Orlovsky. She is the captain of her house's forces and the formal representative of her house in the Brevic town of Zmeyka, where she resides; she often acts as her uncle's ambassador further afield.[1]


She is described as an attractive woman with delicate features and golden hair, though also known to be proud and headstrong.[1]


Sylvanna is a skilled horsewoman and known for her ability at jousting. She rides her steed, Silvermane, whom she cares for herself in the stables at Zmeyka.[1]


She has a deep mistrust of House Surtova and, like most nobles of her house, has long been a supporter of the now-disappeared House Rogarvia. Indeed, she was engaged to a member of House Rogarvia from birth until the Vanishing intervened and overturned that plan. She has known the noble Lander Lebeda as a friend since childhood.[1]