House Orlovsky

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House Orlovsky
Type Noble house
Leader Lord Poul Orlovsky
Headquarters Brevoy

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 52

House Orlovsky controls northeastern Brevoy from Eagle's Watch on Mount Veshka. They try to rise above petty political maneuvers. As staunch allies of the now disappeared House Rogarvia, this has landed them in a prickly situation. If Lord Poul Orlovsky chooses to rebel against Noleski Surtova, they could potentially align with House Garess and House Medvyed. These three houses could disrupt supply and travel routes between House Surtova's two power bases, Port Ice and New Stetven.[1][2]


The house crest is a black eagle with wings spread in front of a gold field.[3] Their motto is "High Above."[2]